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Andrés Perelló, the new director of Casa Mediterráneo, stated in an interview recently published in this newspaper that he had lunch with two ministers since last December, met with three foreign ministers and five general managers, but is still waiting. are welcomed by the mayor and the head of the Provincial Committee. It is shocking and strange, considering that an institution like Casa Mediterráneo, if enriched with events at both national and international levels, could create an invaluable and at the same time free propaganda platform for the city that hosts it. But everything is as it is and not as we want it to be. Mr. Perelló, who is from the community but not from «Terreta», will soon learn that we have time in these parts. Of this dimension, of time, we have this idea that it is something so simple that we can easily control it by simply wearing a watch on our wrist, and nothing is further from reality. It is enough to go to the dawn of the last century to think about the great debates on this subject by two famous people of the time, the French philosopher Henri Bergson and the German scientist Albert Einstein. Sometimes they got to such a heated point that the author of The Theory of Relativity even said that “philosophers have no time”. Fortunately, the RAE dictionary has chosen to simplify the matter and defines the word “time” in the second sense as a physical quantity in the international system that allows to organize the sequence of events, to establish the past, present and future. is the second. The description is nice, simple and far from the cumbersome and incomprehensible arguments of the two mentioned characters, but be careful, if you make a mistake in your interpretation, no matter how small, the problem will be served.

And something must have happened to those payments, we got confused while adopting the unit and we chose ten years instead of the second. And maybe that’s why Casa Mediterráneo finds himself, after thirteen years of life, in the situation we all know, tied to an area full of weeds with rodents like rabbits, huts or huts, without covering the winds as its director says. It was built in a place where people we classify as “homeless” live and there are still some railroad tracks where a train hasn’t traveled for nearly forty years. But who cares, at the end of the day, and by our measurement unit of time, ten years has just passed. Regarding this institution, unfortunately, it is possible that the political chain we have displayed throughout the country and especially here has worked. Let’s not forget that Casa Mediterráneo was born in the State Department of the socialist government of Rodriguez Zapatero, a man seen by the country’s classical right-wingers as an individual more left than the hot water tap. The politicians who currently run the city are so fond of it, that they even stopped paying their corresponding annual fee as consortium members. However, there is something that does not come together about this, a few days ago Mr. Bellido, councilor of Compromís, demanded that the City Council pay these fees for the ten years he owed the institution, and a presenter Mr. Bellido did something to pay off that debt for three years from 2015 to 2018 and was part of the municipal government with that left-wing trio.

I wish Mr. Perelló good luck as head of Entity, Barcelona, ​​Valencia, Malaga etc. I support the idea of ​​soliciting cooperation from other Mediterranean cities, such as, and I share his thoughts on practicing international diplomacy and changing the world. makes the institution more than just another ‘house of culture’. ». If you are successful in your mission, Alicante will no doubt thank you. As for whether or not to be accepted in some places, I can say that in general, great ideas are not born in carpeted offices.

Source: Informacion

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