Stellantis Figueruelas rides on PERTE to accelerate in electric cars

stellantis Available on Figueruelas PERTE electric and connected car. The automobile factory, which is the mainstay of the economy and employment in Aragon, has formalized its investment proposal to benefit from the support of the Ministry of Industry. The most ambitious industrial plan of the last 50 years for the automobile sector in Spain, known as the Strategic Project for Economic Recovery and Transformation, as confirmed by company resources. This program amounts to a total of EUR 2,975 million from European Next Generation funds.

The group, led by Carlos Tavares, Global investment in the Zaragoza factory between 220 and 230 million euros, Other economic injections at suppliers and subsidiaries associated with the old PSA are some figures to be added.. It is a tractor project to move forward. The conversion of the factory to electromobility, announced in November 2020 by Aragon president Javier LambánOn the occasion of the National Automotive Board’s celebration in Zaragoza.

Stellantis presented two projects to the call PERTE. One only for the Figueruelas plant and the other two other production centers located in Spain. Vigo and Madrid, corporately owned by the same subsidiary of the group. Both offers will compete with those submitted by 14 other auto plants across the country.

The company did not go to PERTE alone, but will go with other companies associated with the automotive and innovation sector, where it will join forces to make a qualitative leap forward and enter the new era of the automobile in Aragon. Stellantis will announce the details of the project it has presented, including the names of Aragon SMEs and companies participating in this strategic alliance, in the coming weeks.

Peugeot e-208 and Lancia Ypsilon earrings

Although everything points to the arrival of the Peugeot e-208 and Lancia Ypsilon electric cars, what the company has yet to predict is what new models the Aragon plant will receive in the coming years. will be added. With these appointments, which are not yet official, Ribera will replace the Alta del Ebro factory. at the forefront of sustainable mobility The industry is advancing at an ever-increasing pace.

It is not yet clear whether the plant will continue to count in the new crop lace. with two assembly lines (dual stream system now an exception in the group) or loss of production capacity in theory and as a result Task.

Figueruelas is not starting this technological leap from scratch. In fact, it is one of the pioneers at the national level, having produced the Opel Corsa-e, the first 100% electric passenger car mass-produced in Spain, for more than two years. It is also the first for the former PSA to assemble in this country, and the first in plug-in vehicles for the German brand.

The e-208, the first mechanical and productive sibling of the electric Corsaor since EL PERIÓDICO has already advanced in its December 28 edition, citing sources in the industry, they have every chance to reach the Zaragoza plant, something this particular engine press takes for granted.

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