MMA fighter Magomedov clashed with security guards in a Moscow parking lot.

MMA fighter Askhab Magomedov clashed with security guards in a Moscow parking lot, Writer Baza Telegram channel. Video from the scene went viral.

The incident occurred in late April. It is reported that Magomedov overturned the cone and crossed the barrier and taxied to the parking lot near the Kazan train station without permission. The security guards tried to show the driver his misbehavior, after which a fight almost broke out at the barrier. Police teams arrived at the scene.

“Fortunately for Magomedov’s opponents, the police arrived at that moment. They detained the warrior, but soon released him in peace. According to Baza’s sources, Askhabov was released because of an unknown “shell” that he showed to the police, but the fighter himself denies this, ”said Baza.

A few days after the incident, in early May, Magomedov participant An accident at the Belorussky train station with the blogger Nekoglay.

In the fall of 2021, it was reported that a video appeared on the Web in which Magomedov beat a colleague in the army. How Wrote MMA fighter said that the video showed him arguing with a colleague to raise morale, and that Magomedov was harassed after the video was shown on social networks.

Source: Gazeta


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