If you think that having a swimming pool at home is too expensive or not (almost) out of reach for all pockets, you are very wrong. The truth is you just need some space and less than 100 euros to have a place where you can refresh yourself and your family.


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While it is true that owning an underground pool is very expensive to both build and maintain, and not everyone lives in an urbanization with a communal pool, we must also mention that you can cool off with a refreshing pool on your terrace. tube pool It’s not difficult if you have the right space. And with enough, it means that not all fields are enabled for an installation. inflatable poolso before installing one in your home, familiarize yourself with both the area it will be going to and the manufacturer’s recommendations.

If it is open and you want to get one removable pool You have very cheap options for your home. carrefoursa.

Cheap swimming pools in Carrefour

The most economical of the tubular pools we found on the website is the rectangular Bestway, which measures 221 centimeters long, 150 wide and 43 high. It has a water capacity of 1,200 liters and is resistant to UV rays and chlorine. It has a drain valve and repair patch making it ideal for washing the little ones around the house. its price 75 euros.

CARREFOUR SWIMMING POOLS | Two of the cheapest models you can find in the hypermarket carrefoursa

If a slightly rounder pool is more suitable for you due to the space in your home (€78,50) There is one with a diameter of 244 centimeters and a height of 51 with a capacity of 2,200 liters. It also has a plug that connects to a garden hose and a three-layer PVC-polyester canvas that makes it very durable. The outside is blue and the inside of the wall simulates the tile.

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Finally, you have another rectangular pool from the Small Frame series that is slightly larger (260 cm long, 160 cm wide and 65 cm high) and more capacity (2,282 litres) than the previous one. Contains no purifier but includes connections to accommodate them, tripaca canvas with Super-Tough technology and a cap to connect to the hose and drain easily. its price €80.46.