Sweden finalizes its application for NATO entry: three keys

Sweden It will formally apply for NATO membership. On Sunday, it was the ruling body – the Swedish Social Democratic Party – that approved its request to join the Atlantic Alliance, and this Monday the Scandinavian country officially announced that it would step in. The move came a day later Finland He formally confirmed his intention to apply for membership in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. In this way, the two Scandinavian countries are expected to make a presentation soon. common application To join NATO in the face of the threat of Russian invasion of Ukraine.

these are some keys Explaining the Swedish subject:

Relationship between Sweden and Russia

the story between Sweden and Russia is in trouble warswith Finland in most in the middle. Most of the wars between the two took place between the 18th and 19th centuries, ending the Scandinavian country’s policy of neutrality. Specifically, Sweden in its expansionist policy Great Northern War and after his military success in Norway, Poland and Denmark, invasion of russia in 1708. However, King of Sweden XII. defeated in 1709 At the battle of Poltava by the Russian Army under the command of Tsar Peter I, known as Peter the Great.

Later, in 1713, russian empire started invasion of FinlandMilitary intervention, which was part of Sweden at the time, was successful and resulted in Finland becoming part of Russia, which also took other parts of Sweden previously, such as Estonia, Livonia, Ingria, and Karelia. Like this, Russia replaces Sweden What hegemonic power in northern Europe. The Great Northern War ended in 1721 after the signing of the Treaty of Nystad.

Likewise, Russia and Sweden two wars in the 18th century with Finland as the protagonist. The first of these was initiated by the Hats Party, which ruled Sweden in 1741, and two years later. russian victory, obtained several Swedish territories. In the war of 1788, King of Sweden III. Gustav tried to quickly conquer Saint Petersburg, but failed. Peace was signed in 1790.

Finally, the so-called war of finlandIt ended again in 1808 victory of the russian empireAfter a dispute where Finland fell into the hands of the Russians and began to be mentioned Grand Duchy of Finland.

Swedish neutrality

politics impartiality stretches as far as sweden XIX centurywhen? 1834 officially announced. From that moment on, the country of Sweden didn’t choose a side in any armed conflict, even the First or Second World War. However, in II. World WarAfter the Soviet invasion of Finland, he was about to get involved Although no Swedish soldiers were ultimately involved in the conflict.

Also, during The Cold WarSweden kept impartialitypositions closer to the west and cooperating with the United States and ties with NATOAlthough he did not join the alliance. From one thousand nine hundred ninety fiveSweden joined European UnionAlthough it has decided not to join the EMU, the European economic and monetary union, this implies that member states have the euro as their sole currency.

In NATO, Sweden retains its current status. alliedhowever non-member. This position was reaffirmed by the Swedish Social Democratic Party, which currently rules the country, when it refused to join the Alliance again in November 2021.

However, the Russian invasion of Ukraine completely changed this position, and the Prime Minister, Magdalena Andersonone of sweden “highly open” position If only it were the only Baltic country not integrated into the Atlantic Alliance. With this move Sweden will end nearly two centuries from impartiality.

Who rules in Sweden?

Sweden is a constitutional monarchyby parliamentary democracy. If the head of state King Carl XVI GustafHe has been on the throne since 1973 and whose function is protocol and moderator .

On his behalf, the head of government, Prime Minister Margaret AndersonHe was appointed in November 2021, following his resignation after his predecessor Stefan Löfven refused to give a no-confidence motion. Anderson’s leader Swedish Social Democratic Partyor, with 101 representatives, the majority in the Riksdag—the unicameral Parliament—though unlikely prime minister, invest twice a week.

Specifically, he was appointed Prime Minister on 24 November 2021. 117 positive votes -with the support of his party, the Green Party and an independent party- and -with 57 abstentions from the Center Party and the Left Party. However, the draft was later voted on. budget lawwhere Government proposal rejected and the conservative opposition’s calculations continued.

This situation caused Green Party non-governmental Y Andersson its presented resignation only seven hours after the investment is made. However, he has indicated his intention to rebuild the Swedish Administration. party and minority. This 29 NovemberAndersson He was sworn in as prime minister again. with 101 affirmative votes from the Social Democratic Party and 75 abstentions, 173 against. On 30 November, the change of government took effect.

In this way, Cabinet consists only of its representatives. social democratic partywhich governs in the minority and have abstaining support The Center Party, the Left Party and the Green Party, the latter more willing to give active support.

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