Switzerland approves post-mortem organ harvesting by default

In a referendum held on Sunday, Swiss citizens approved changes to the legislation, in which all residents of the country are now considered potential organ donors for transplants. This has been reported TASS.

Supported by more than 60% of the voters, the new donation is based on the principle of “presumed consent” for the post-mortem removal of organs, in accordance with legal rules. This will be possible if a person throughout his life has not expressed an openly negative attitude towards it.

The publication states that the reason for the enactment of such a law is the lack of organs for organ transplantation. Previously, organ transplantation could only be performed if the deceased gave consent during his or her lifetime.

It was known before that Brussels threatening It will exclude Switzerland from the Schengen area unless Frontex supports the payment of an additional amount to the External Border Security Agency.

Brussels expects Bern to increase its Frontex payment from £19.5m in 2021 to over £49.5m in 2027. The EU also expects Switzerland to appoint 40 border guards instead of six.

Source: Gazeta


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