Maximum uncertainty with new price of butane cylinder arriving in a few days

There are significant disruptions in business life price between butane cylinder. This fuel is one of the most used both in homes and in certain shops and cafeterias.

Over the past year, its price has fluctuated significantly because of it. increase in oil value Along with inflation and other economic factors from the war in Ukraine, it is seriously affecting the domestic economy. For this reason, the Government was compelled. draw the boundary and regulates the prices of these fuels. For this purpose, it was decided to limit the maximum pre-tax price of liquefied petroleum gases such as butane and propane with the Decree Law No. 11/2022.

Factors affecting the price of butane

The costs of liquefied gases depend on oil prices, which are affected by trade situations, and geopolitical tensions between China and the US, Besides the russia and ukraine war. In addition, the increase in consumption and storage demand has boosted demand, pushing the maximum prices to about US$130 per barrel in 2022. This trend continued almost all year and started to change at the beginning of 2023.

Butane cylinder price will change soon. Pixabay

Since the beginning of the current year, the cap gradually decreased, below $100 per barrel. The price per barrel in May was $75.81, down 10.14 percent from $84.36 in April. If this trend continues, A more stable oil price is expectedwill affect the costs of derived fuels such as liquefied gases such as butane.

price of butane cylinder

In fact, this has already had an impact in recent years. regulated gas bottle price. Last month the final cost was one of the lowest since July 2021 and 15.96 Euros for 12.5Kg bottleie 0.81 euros less than the previous month.

butane price. Pixabay

Considering that for now and the next gas ceiling price review will be carried out by the Government at the end of June it is assumed that downtrend continuesas long as crude oil prices stay the same. Specifically, the newly issued price will be announced by the Ministry for Ecological Transition and Demographic Challenge in the coming days.

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