Russia has created a neural network with underwater “eyes” for contactless fish farming 11:18

Scientists at Petrozavodsk State University have developed a fish breeding system that allows you to monitor water parameters, the size of fish and the presence of diseases in them using artificial intelligence. This was reported to at the Ministry of Education and Science.

The software and hardware complex includes four modules that allow you to collect data on the habitat and condition of fish, and then calculate the optimal growing conditions based on this information.

“The start of service in a fish farm makes it possible to improve the quality of products and improve their commercial properties due to the constant monitoring of the environment and the use of a non-contact method of determining the weight of fish to increase purity. Increasing production by reducing the mortality rate of fish and production waste, increasing profit growth by optimizing the production processes of the enterprise, ”Alexey Marakhtanov, director of the Center for Artificial Intelligence of PetrSU, told project manager

The system collects data on the state of the water, the environment, fish, maintenance and is also responsible for video monitoring, including underwater.

The analytics module analyzes the collected data and automatically calculates the optimal conditions (feeding rates, water and environmental parameters) to achieve the required increase in fish biomass. It also includes a video analysis module that identifies individuals caught in the frame, evaluates their height and weight, and detects behavioral disorders or the presence of disease.

The “Control” module allows you to remotely control the equipment (feeders, motors, lighting), and the “Integration” module is responsible for the interaction of the platform with external information systems used in the enterprise.

The result of the platform work can be used by the operator or technologist as a recommendation to perform a specific action, or it can be applied automatically by activating the actuators installed in the enterprise (filters, pumps, feeders, lighting).

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Source: Gazeta


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