Humans have evolved to bite their nails in excitement to evoke sympathy.

Showing obvious signs of stress can make people more attractive and encourage others to look at them more positively. Probably in evolution homo sapiens He even specially developed the ability to show others the external manifestations of their psycho-emotional state in order to receive additional support. Such conclusions were made by British researchers from the University of Nottingham Trent and the University of Portsmouth, who published a paper on the subject in the journal Evolution and Human Behavior. corresponding Press release Published on the University of Portsmouth website.

Scientists have explored the stress behavior paradox, in which humans, like other primates, often show signs of stress that they may show to others “to their own detriment”, such as scratching, nail biting, fidgeting, and touching their face or hair. indicates that they are in a poor state. It turned out that outside observers were not only able to fairly accurately identify when someone was stressed, but also responded more positively to people who showed more signs of stress behavior.

As part of the study, the participants in the experiment were filmed performing the work they had to prepare as soon as possible. The videos were presented to other subjects and asked to rate how nervous the person in the video was. The participants in the experiment, who reported serious anxiety during the fulfillment of the task, were perceived by the outside as experiencing the most tension. The findings also show that people are generally able to locate when others are stressed because of their own behavior. Surprisingly, the subjects who were determined to experience the most stress during the task evoked the most sympathy from the others; This, according to the experimenters, provides a clue to understanding how empathy works and why humans have evolved to display it. signals to others. homo sapiensunlike many other animals, they have a great tendency to cooperate with their own kind, and perhaps that is why behaviors that signal their weaknesses to others can be developed so much.

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