“He is pure evil.” A racist teenager killed 10 people live in the USA.

What happened in Buffalo?

A shooting occurred at the Tops Friendly Markets store in Buffalo, outside New York state, on Saturday afternoon. It is located in an area mostly populated by African Americans. By data In the US census, 79% of the population is black, 13% is Asian, and 3% is white.

The shooter, Payton Gendron, 18, drove to the store. It started broadcasting live on Twich from the parking lot of the supermarket. on record To listenIn the car, Gendron said, “You just have to.”

Twich said they cut off Gendron’s broadcast a few minutes after it started.

The attacker prepared to attack. He came to the store in a bulletproof vest, a military helmet and took an assault rifle with him. “He was very well armed,” said Buffalo Commissioner Joseph Gramaglia.

Even opened in the parking lot, Gendron got out of the car. He shot four people in the parking lot, according to preliminary information. Then I entered the store around 14:30 local time. A security guard was stopped by former police officer Aaron Salter. According to the police, Salter fired several shots at the assailant and struck Gendron’s body, but it was not possible to injure the criminal due to the bulletproof vest. Gendron returned fire and killed the guard.

After that, the teenager went around the entire supermarket, shooting customers. Store employee Shonnell Harris said the supermarket was crowded at this time due to the weekend. Sources told The Buffalo News that, given the location of the bodies found, some victims were trying to hide from the perpetrator near the cash register.

In total, Gendron killed 10 people, four of them were supermarket workers. Three more people were injured. Of the 13 victims of the attack, 11 are African-American.

After the massacre, Gendron left the store. Meanwhile, the police had arrived at the shooting area. Eyewitnesses said that the teenager pretended to commit suicide.

“The man came out of the shop, the cops started shouting at him and he just stood there. I just stood there,” said the eyewitness.

When another police car arrived at the shop, the shooter dropped his gun and began removing some of his gear. As a result, the police rushed to him and detained him. The attacker did not resist.

What is known about Payton Gendron

The attacker arrived in Buffalo from Conklin, Broome County, New York.

“He drove for several hours to commit this crime against the people of Buffalo. <...> We pray this does not inflame racial tensions. We can’t let a bad person <...> divide our country,” said Mayor Byron Uraun.

Gendron turns 19 next month. Before he was shot, he posted a 180-page manifesto on the internet with racist white supremacist premise. There were also racist inscriptions on the rifle the young man used.

The FBI said it was investigating the incident as “hate crime and racial-based violence.” Authorities say they have evidence that the attacker was motivated by racial hatred.

Gendron has so far appeared in court on charges of first-degree murder. The article provides for a life sentence. He refused to admit his guilt. The attacker remains in custody without bail. Another court session will be held on May 19.

“This guy is a total demon,” said Erie County Sheriff John Garcia.

US Attorney General Trini Ross said the incident “shouldn’t divide us, but should bring us together”.

“This is the worst nightmare society can face. We are in so much pain,” the mayor of Buffalo concluded.

The event was also commented on by US President Joe Biden.

“Racist hate crimes are against the fabric of our nation. Any act of domestic terrorism, including an act committed in the name of a vile white nationalist ideology, goes against everything we stand for in America. Hatred should not have a safe haven,” Biden called.

In the USA, Payton Gendron, an 18-year-old teenager obsessed with racist ideas, carried out a shooting in a supermarket. He arrived with a rifle and killed 10 people, mostly African Americans. Prior to that, the hitman posted a manifesto on the internet with a racist ideology. US police have already called it “pure evil”.

Source: Gazeta


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