‘Chanelazo’ raises politicians and artists: “Eurovision history has been unforgettable”

First Vice President and Minister of Economic Affairs, Nadia Calvinocongratulations Chanel and his entire team for their “incredible performance”. “Your talent shone brightly,” he said in a post on his Twitter profile.

“Chanel, amazing performance! Thank you!” The Minister of Culture and Sports applauded, Miguel Iceta also shared different news about ‘chanelazo’ on the same social network.

Isabel Rodriguez, Government Spokesperson and Minister for Soil Policy, example of “consistency, effort and ability” He thanked himself for making him enjoy his presentation to the public by saying “The statement of the candidate from Spain”.

“It’s not easy to see something like this on stage. It was unforgettable, its history Eurovision,” said Yolanda Díaz, the second vice-president and Minister of Labor, and also congratulated dancers from Exon Arco, Josh Huerta, Pol Soto, Raquel Caurin and María Pérez. “You made us happy!”

From PSOE’s profile, ‘chanelazo’ also alleged: “You touched us, you made us dream of victory, we touched it. Europe has valued Spain’s talent, music and great work.”

Podemos also said on her official profile, “Awesome Chanel. This performance that made the stadium shake deserves twelve points.”


On the other hand, the PP leader, Alberto Nuñez Feijoo She described Chanel’s performance as “stunning” stressed Spain’s pride for its representation and result. “This is a third-place victory because you managed to repair the illusion of many Eurofans. It was a crushing performance”, he added, congratulating the ‘Slo Mo’ translator.

“Many congratulations on that, Chanel Leaving Spain in such a good place with outstanding participation and an unforgettable performance at Eurovision. “I am proud of our country,” wrote Inés Arrimadas, leader of the Ciudadanos. Edmundo Bal, the party’s deputy general secretary, also congratulated the artist on Sunday for “laudable third place” and for putting “Spain’s name on the list for the world”.

sound He also congratulated the artist for “making history” at Eurovision. with third place and record points. “You should be proud to represent Spain and you put the flag very high,” he wrote on his Twitter profile.

Regional political leaders such as Andalusian president Juanma Moreno or Castilla y León president Alfonso Fernández Mañueco congratulated the Cuban artist for his third place and achievements. after making “everybody vibrate with their talent”.

Chanel has made millions of Spaniards feel like winners. live long Benidorm Fest raised that level. See you at Benidorm Fest 2023,” added Ximo Puig, president of the Valencian Community, also “music in peace”: “Power, Ukraine”.

Madrid Mayor José Luis Martínez-Almeida from local politics also congratulated the singer and said it was “proud” to see Spain on the podium. Madrid City Council Culture, Tourism and Sport delegate, Andrea LeviShe voiced her “illusion” that Chanel will perform at the San Isidro concerts this Sunday: “Madrid will welcome her warmly”.

Más Madrid’s spokesperson, Mónica García, said: “Congratulations Chanel for tonight’s great show and result at Eurovision. You have given us pleasure and enthusiasm.”

Blas Canto or Tanxugueiras

Many artists from the cultural world praised Chanel. Singer Blaise sangRepresenting Spain at Eurovision 2021, expressed his “proud” and congratulated the candidate and his entire team, as well as RTVE, on the “enormous success”. And to all the fans who supported Chanel at Benidorm Fest, God bless you,” he tweeted.

The Spanish representative in 2019, Miki Núñez, declared herself a “chanelista to the core”. Performing with Amaia at Lisbon 2018, Alfred García congratulated Chanel for making “illusion and quality” possible. It was “first in line”: “Bronze has never shone so brightly”.

“It’s an honor and an inspiration to see you dream on that stage,” said Ruth Lorenzo.was also a former representative of Spain at the festival, while Barei, another of the ex-candidates, congratulated Chanel’s top 3 for returning the “illusion” to “all Spain” for Eurovision.

“Congratulations on making the date,” he wrote on his Twitter profile. Rayden competing with Chanel at Benidorm Fest 2022. Those who are one of the big favorites of the Spanish qualifier, tanxugueiras, they also applauded “chanelazo”. They said, “Brava, Chanel. Congratulations on the show and the result.”

Long live the Eurovision people who bet and work with passion, long live all friends who had a unique week and above all long live the Chanel business and talent.The Varry Brava group, which also participated in the Benidorm festival, celebrated by referring to Chanel’s victory.

singers Soraya Arnelas or Pastora SolerThey also showed their joy in the “victory” of ‘Slo Mo’, which also went through Eurovision, and congratulated the representative and his entire team.

Main MenuHe also congratulated the ‘chanelazo’ who participated in the San Remo festival representing Italy this year -Mahmood and Blanco were chosen last.

“You deserve it! You’ve been impressive!”, Marta Sánchez said, The one who claims that it is very difficult to do what Chanel did in her performance. “Thank you for the third place at Eurovision,” she concluded.

Many other artists such as Mónica Naranjo They congratulated Chanel, emphasizing her work and professionalism, despite her position before and after her performance in the festival finale.

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