Tanxugueiras finally reacted to Chanel’s good result at Eurovision

Hours before the start of the Eurovision 2022 final, Contestants of the last edition Benidorm Festival they congratulate their partners in front of everyone channel. But when the premiere began, users of social networks Galician group tanxugueiras they had not manifested.

In fact, there are a few people who even say I caught them. wish luck to your partner. But what these people did not expect was that the Galician band, who came in third in the music competition, congratulated their partners after learning about the good result Chanel had achieved.

“We couldn’t follow you at Eurovision because we were acting but…Chanelazo is in Turin. Brave Chanel. Congratulations on the show and the resultThe Galicians wrote a post on their official Twitter profile that they were totally with our representative.

With this congratulations, the entire group of contestants at Benidorm Fest wished luck or congratulated Chanel on a performance that received unanimous applause from the Spaniards. With such an overwhelming result, it’s time to congratulate our representative, celebrate victory and get back to work to continue betting level one.

Source: Informacion


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