Talent management in the family business

The family business forms the core around the company, both nationally and therefore in Alicante. business texture. depends on many things wealth creation, job creation and well-being from all of us.

family businesses 92% of Alicante’s economic fabric. Its role has been particularly important during the pandemic, acting as a driver to reduce the socioeconomic impact of the crisis and becoming an essential part of facing recovery. And the key to its success is people, the only differentiating factor we have. trust him best talent is the key to successfully fulfilling the strategic plan.

Beatriz Martín is Deloitte partner in charge of the Alicante office.

In this period marked by Covid-19, a series of trends has already taken place and has affected the relationship between employer and employee. Changing the expectations of professionals, new working methods or its implementation technology accelerated this transformation and an effect of approaching the future of work.

In this new reality, companies need to focus on three aspects to strengthen their relationship with the environment. talent: aim, potential and Bond. The new context requires linking people and family work with organizational purpose, focusing on the potential of their talents, and strengthening the links of the entire management committee and middle managers with their teams.

In this sense, it is crucial that all professionals who are part of an organization have a clear understanding of the organisation. strategy, targets Y values guides daily decisions. Having management that aligns with the board in values ​​and strategy is the vector that should guide the management of people and family.

in front of them new challengesThe family business differs from other organizations in certain features, such as its long-term vision through a shareholding committed to the company’s values ​​and strategy. continuity profession, seek a balance between Sustainability Y growth long-term. These put you in an advantageous position to redefine the relationship between work and family.

To do this, it is recommended to rethink how talent is grasped in the organization from a tripartite perspective. First, by combining the skills, roles and responsibilities of the teams to get the job done. Second, improving the adaptability of professionals to the current changing environment they need to acquire. new abilities. And finally, developing future leaders who act by example staff, inspiring Y Compromiser for talent.

With all this, the family business will be better prepared for the future. make the future championas well as guaranteeing family well-being and heritage preservation.

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