Shot the driver of Chilean President Boric’s guard and stole the official vehicle

A Chief of the Chilean president’s guard, Gabriel Boricrobbed and attacked Shot with a gun by a group of people in Santiago on Friday nightObaron official vehiclethis Saturday, according to police sources.

The driver, a sergeant from the Carabineros police force, He was alone in the vehicle on his way back to the presidential Palacio de La Moneda in the town of San Miguel, south of the capital. to leave the car.

on its way three criminals approached who took him to the town of ColinaThey attacked , shot him in the arm, abandoned him and took the vehicle.

According to Eduardo Vergara, Under Secretary for Crime Prevention of the Government of Chile, the official works in the “extended team” of the presidential guard group, but he was not the president’s direct companion.

According to local media reports, the affected person remained with ballistic impact injuries in addition to cuts on the cheekbone and scalp.

police With the help of a passer-by close to the scene and helped her get to a police station from where she was transferred to the hospital.

On the same day, three gunmen broke into the home of Defense Minister Maya Fernández to steal objects and a vehicle, according to police sources.

She was not at home, but her husband and son were slightly injured.

“We must double our commitment to security… We must increase efficiency levels to fight crime in Chile,” Undersecretary Vergara added.

Source: Informacion


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