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represented by Spain channel He will take the tenth place in the final with his song ‘Slo Mo’. Eurovision 2022, which will take place this Saturday in Turin, according to the official Eurovision account on the social network Twitter.

Artists like Pastora Soler or Marta Sánchez did not hesitate to give their strength and courage. To the Spanish representative at Eurovision 2022. Chanel Terrero has been in Turin for days when she performed in the semi-finals and everything was prepared for the premiere.

Although there are good predictions for the representative of Spain in Eurovision 2022, we were below 20th in the last six editions. You have to go back to 1995 to find Spain in the top five series, with Anabel Conde taking second place with ‘Vuelvemigo’. A little more recent is the sixth place, achieved by Marcos Llunas in 1997 and David Civera in 2001. Even Rosa López didn’t make the top 5, she had to settle for a very reliable seventh place in the 200.

Good afternoon, just two hours before the start of the race festival Eurovision 2022most fans are waiting to know if there will be a ‘chanelazo’. Chanel Terreror as they exit Benidorm Fest, they will be responsible for representing Spain at a gala where Ukraine is expected to top the list of winners. Will there be a reward for Spain?

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Thus, the band We Are Domi, representing the Czech Republic, will open the gala with the song ‘Lights Off’ and the Estonian representative Stefan will close with the song ‘Hope’.

Eurovision 2022 final completed after second semi-final which took place this Wednesday, beating the last 10 finalists: Belgium, Czech Republic, Azerbaijan, Poland, Finland, Estonia, Australia, Sweden, Romania and Serbia, in addition to the other 10 candidates that qualified last Tuesday: Ukraine, Norway, Portugal, Greece, Switzerland, Armenia, Iceland, Lithuania, Moldova and the Netherlands

Georgia, Ireland, Israel, Malta, North Macedonia, Cyprus, Montenegro, San Marino, Albania, Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Latvia, Slovenia and Denmark were the countries that did not pass the semi-finals, so they were also the countries that did not pass the semi-finals. can compete at the festival.

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