Live | Ukraine warns war is entering ‘a long phase’

Ukraine’s ambassador to UN says Russians are ‘corrupt’

Sergei Kislitsia, Ukraine’s representative to the United Nations, thinks that Russian diplomats are unlikely to be persuaded by their arguments in the context of the war in Ukraine unless they are “totally degenerate”.

This was stated in an interview with the Japanese newspaper “Asahi Shimbun”, collected by the Ukrainian agency UNIAN, which he described as “so outrageous” the words spilled from Russia to justify its aggression against Ukraine.

“Frankly, it’s so ugly that I don’t even think they believe what they’re saying, unless it’s completely degenerated,” Kislitsia said. You have no choice.”

According to the Ukrainian official, he says that Russian diplomatic personnel are in a situation similar to what they experienced in Soviet times, when they had to follow a discursive line if they did not want to face retaliation.

Source: Informacion


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