“I was scared when I saw the footage, I didn’t know if he was molesting our son”

Lawsuit against a youth football coach of a municipality in l’Horta (Valencia) sexual abuse of minors and the production of child pornography, Discovery of 50,000+ pedophile files The second session of the oral hearing, held today in the Second Division of the Valencia State Court, focused on how pornographic material was found after his wife opened it on the computer. Inside a box of gum, one of the flash drives her husband used in a gym bag containing a child’s underwear.

The enormous burden of proof against the accused, who is seen in these footage as having openly sexual relations with minors, is intended to be overruled by the defense. as obtained by the defendant’s spousealso a pending process for the crime of revealing secrets for opening the flash drive allegedly storing pedophile material without his consent.

Defendant facing 50 and a half years in prison three perpetual offenses of sexual abuse of a person under the age of 16, five for the production of pornographic material with children, and one for possession of child pornography, as announced exclusively. Upgrade-EMVUsing his right not to answer to the Prosecutor’s Office, which is a media owned by the same publishing group as this newspaper, he almost never answered his lawyer’s questions.

The defendant limited himself to only describing what happened to him, without explaining the content of what appeared on the USB devices and always trying to justify that the backpack was for private use. alcohol and substance use problems medicinesseeking some kind of mitigating factor in the case of a hypothetical conviction.

Therefore, the most thorough interrogation was really focused on the accused’s wife, so much so that she sometimes appeared to be the one on trial herself, although the Chamber had made it clear that she had the right not to answer her if anything was possible. hurt him open reason to reveal secrets.

The woman told how she accidentally found her husband’s dirty laundry while he was putting it to finish the washing machine. a boy’s briefs in a backpack he said he left this on the terrace after a workout. The witness found and recognized several USB devices in the same backpack, a gift from a family member for both of them, which they used interchangeably so as not to be considered an invasion of her husband’s privacy. she is away from home and that they are playing movies for their two-year-old son -again trying to justify herself for opening it without her husband’s permission-.

“I was scared when I saw the footage, I didn’t know if he was abusing our son,” she admits. a mother’s obvious concern discovering that her cohabitant and her child’s father had open pedophile material and children’s underwear in his backpack. She continued to see no more, at that moment her husband came in from the moonless man and asked him to return “what he had taken from her”.

The accused’s wife explained that she had been a little drunk that night, leaving him on the street to get some air and turning off the bell so as not to wake the child. Regarding the footage she gave to the police, opening her backpack and removing the flash disks, the woman admitted that she recorded it after opening the flash drive on the computer and seeing its contents. “I always had an excuse and that’s why I started recording.“I didn’t want them to think I was crazy,” she says. In fact, although she expressed that she did not suspect the seriousness of the events in which her husband was accused, she thought that she was hiding something, since it was the first time that children’s underwear was not among her possessions. She remembered seeing an image of the male genitalia on TV once.

Regarding the first, her husband justified himself by saying that it was usual for the actors he had trained between the ages of twelve and fourteen to leave some forgotten clothes in the locker room and took them away for return. The day she accidentally saw that pornographic image on TV, she attributed it to a virus.

The coach, who was accused of child abuse, wore a hooded hat and mask as he left the field. Ignatius Cabins

At the time of the events, the defendant was the representative of the case. Children’s category team of a football club in the municipality of l’Horta, that this newspaper does not disclose to protect the anonymity of minors. The person in charge of the club in question admitted that the defendant, who is a soldier by profession, was also a coach despite not holding a title, and that it was not strange that players of that age left their clothes forgotten in the locker rooms. supports the rendered version.

The children’s mother did not want to report

The mother of three minors, a family friend and even the godfather of one of the children, who appeared in the pornographic images allegedly recorded by the defendant, and another identified victim, his minor cousin, refused to report. That was at the time, and they found themselves only at trial, when the footage of the police showed up, the first no doubt identified her three childrenand the second admits that it was him and that he did not know that his cousin recorded it.

The abuse of the three minors would have occurred on unspecified dates in 2014, when she was alone in both the family home and the bachelor’s flat while caring for her friend’s five, seven, and eight-year-olds. The children’s mother argued that due to the alleged abuses, she did not want to report the situation to her children in order not to go through the entire judicial process. produced while the little ones were sleepingso they don’t know what’s going on. He also admits that he feared that if he did report it, it would affect the divorce process and custody of minors.

In addition, the prosecution three abuse cases with sexual access to friend’s childrenand from his cousin touching, because his cousin is still small, the defendant took advantage of his “privileged position” as the coach of a children’s team “to record the moments when minors are naked in their dressing rooms, and to keep the recordings for their own use and illegal entertainment”.

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