Escape from Alcatraz and Echosen for Glory actor Fred Ward has passed away.

Actor Fred WardWho was the hero of movies like ‘?Chosen for Victory‘ or ‘The Hollywood Game’ died at the age of 79 on May 8, according to Alan Sepinwall, author and editor of ‘The Rolling Stone’.

The master actor whose causes of death are not shared, acted in movie roles Like ‘Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins’, ‘danger in miami‘TO’escape from alcatraz‘. It gave a retro quality to the actor’s personality.

Ward appeared in the second season of HBO’s “True Detective” as Eddie Velcoro, the retired cop father of Colin Farrell’s Detective.


ward born in San Diegoand before becoming an actor, he joined the air force before deciding to become an actor. He eventually made his mark in Hollywood as bank robber John Anglin. Clint Eastwood’s fugitive partner in ‘Escape from Alcatraz’.

The link to Altman, who mourned his death on Twitter, told Ward his greatest achievement: In the Raymond Carver adaptation of Short Cuts, Ward played one of a group of men who go fishing and find a body in the water.

Ward worked steadily throughout the 1990s and 2000s, making an average of two to three films a year; He has also appeared in television shows such as ER, Grey’s Anatomy and True Detective.

TV hits and awards

On television, Ward has had notable roles, such as in the mini-series ‘Invasion: Earth’ or ‘ER’. He also appeared in parts of ‘Dice’ and ‘Grey’s Anatomy’. As for the award, the two awards he received were thanks to ‘Crossed Lives’, which won the best cast at the 1994 Golden Globe and Venice Film Festival.

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