Pablo Motos faces the most surreal call in ‘El hormiguero’ history

anthillOne of the most unpredictable parts of the program, the 3,000 euro card, was put back into use this week. Hereby, those tasked with calling a random phone number, Santi Millan Y Malena Altherioafter a few tries, it got someone to pick up the cell phone.

“I’m going to ask you a very short question. Do you know what I want?” ‘ the actor asked the audience on the other side of the line. “Anthill Card”The woman replied as the set became a real party full of confetti.

The frenzy revealed in the study contrasted with the reaction of the long-silenced laureate. “What is your name?”Motos asked without giving the aforementioned signs of life. “Hello?” The server insisted. But only the program itself was heard with a delay in the background.

Antena 3’s face couldn’t help but joke about her situation with her guests: “We are facing an extraordinary phenomenon. A person who watches TV and does not believe us, thinks it is a montage”. “Can you tell me what your name is?” Before sharing his theory, Santi Mill├ín said again: “Let’s see if we looked for the set?”

“Are you scaring us with your silence?”‘ Motos asked, still without an answer. In the end, the winner reacted and explained why he remained silent: “I didn’t believe it.”

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