“Government and media in bed.” Biden replaces Psaki

Who is Karine Jean-Pierre?

Karine Jean-Pierre will become the first black White House press secretary in US history. He was born on August 13, 1977, to a Haitian family on the French island of Martinique, but has been living in Queens, New York since he was five years old.

He is also the first openly LGBTQ person in this position.

He is in a gay relationship and lives with CNN reporter Suzanne Malvo. The couple has a joint daughter, Soleil, who is seven years old.

While this situation was discussed in the media and the expert community, it was expressed that the presidential press secretary’s living with the current CNN employee creates a conflict of interest. Alex Marlowe, editor-in-chief of the conservative news agency Breitbart, commented on the situation on Twitter, Jean-Pierre saying, “This is one of many examples of corporate media being literally in bed with the government. They’re covering it up.”

Suzanne Malvo will continue to work as a national correspondent for CNN, covering national and international news and cultural events, but will not cover politics, Capitol Hill, or the White House while Karine Jean-Pierre is White House Press Secretary,” said Matt Dornik, a spokesperson for CNN. ‘to.

The record of the new White House representative includes, among other things, open clashes with candidates from the Republican Party. According to him, elections in states won by Republicans were “stolen”. He called former President Donald Trump an “illegitimate president” and organized protests against his policies.

Before taking office, Jean-Pierre was targeted by the media, who called him a fake peddler. Kylie Zempel, editor of the conservative Federalist magazine, accused her of spreading misinformation for questioning Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential election.

“Looking at his old tweets shows that he was in election denial and spreading misinformation and conspiracy theories,” Zempel said.

Newsweek wrote on Twitter that Jean-Pierre supported the theory of “Russian interference” in the 2016 US presidential election and called Trump an illegitimate head of state.

Similar material was published by Fox News. The channel accused Jean-Pierre of spreading misinformation about Trump’s alleged collusion with Russia, and conservative blogger Mark Dice wanted him banned from the internet for undermining American democracy.

Why does Biden need this personnel change?

According to the American political scientist Rafael Ordukhanyan, this appointment fully reflects the situation in the US political establishment.

“All that is known about the new White House press secretary is that she is black and a lesbian. That is enough to occupy a high position in the United States today. If you look around Biden, it’s more or less the same. “Another proof of his incompetence, but the problem is that these people may be the right path to war, which they may eventually provoke because of their incompetence,” he said.

It is worth noting that Biden was clearly impressed by the personality of Jean-Pierre – he noted that not only did he have the necessary experience, talent and integrity for this difficult job, but would also continue to lead the dissemination of information about his work. The current administration on behalf of the American people.

It’s no surprise that the president sympathizes with him: For American politics, such a staffing change means that the Biden administration puts a much greater emphasis on value issues due to its blatant failures in economic policy.

Dmitry Suslov, Deputy Director of the Faculty of World Economy and International Relations at the Higher School of Economics.

He reminded that Biden promised to pursue a policy in line with the interests of the middle class and the poorest segment of American society during the election campaign and in the first months of his presidency.

“But the opposite turns out, because the extremely high inflation in the United States is fraught with a decline in the living standards of this section of American society. The administration is trying to compensate for this by increasing the value pressure, emphasizing that it contributes to the elimination of racism, supports minorities in terms of values, cannot support them economically,” he said.

As a further purpose of this appointment, Biden called for an attempt by his centrist administration to reassert the support of the left wing of the Democratic Party, with which the president’s team had a strained relationship in the first year of his presidency.

“But this initiative comes at a high price, which is more polarization between Democrats and Republicans and more hostility from the white conservative part of American society.

For them, the appointment of an African-American woman and an openly lesbian is obviously unacceptable. “This will deepen the divide between conservatives and progressives, and between the conservative part of whites and the non-white part of American society.”

Where is Psaki going?

Psaki introduced his successor to reporters during a briefing at the White House last week. He called her “friend, colleague and true partner” and promised that Jean-Pierre would bring “his own style, glamor and grace” to the business.

Psaki announced in May 2021 that he would be leaving his post one year later. On the eve of her departure, she spoke about the threats she received during her work in the White House.

“The hardest for me personally [за время работы пресс-секретарем Белого дома] received threats, received unpleasant letters, messages sent to me with my personal address and the names of my children. You know, crosses the line when it’s a little scary. And that was the hardest part of this job for me. <...> People threatened to come to my house,” said Psaki, quoting The Hill newspaper.

He has not disclosed where he will be working after leaving his current position. According to him, he will sleep, read, and be open to suggestions on what to watch on Netflix or Hulu.

At the same time, some media outlets reported that Psaki would work for the pro-democracy TV channel MSNBC.

Before becoming Biden’s press secretary, he was a White House and State Department official in the Obama administration. In 2020, Psaki advised the incumbent transition team and subsequently became the White House press secretary. He is particularly known for his resonant statements about Russia and Ukraine.

In his 16 months at the White House, he has given 222 briefings as of May 10, 17 more than all Donald Trump’s press secretaries combined, according to the American press.

Since May 13, the post of White House press secretary has been replaced by Jen Psaki, the first African-American woman and representative of the LGBTQ community on this issue, Karine Jean-Pierre, who is famous for her loud statements about Russia and Ukraine. location. He is known for his clashes with the Republican Party and comes across fake news about Russia. What is remarkable about the person of the new press secretary of the White House – in the material of socialbites.ca.

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