For centuries, dog helped man in many everyday ways: took care of his flocks, became a great ally in the hunt, took care of his property… dog led you experiment with them to take advantage of its best features.


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The action of mankind, in the beginning, hybridizationbut scientific evolution succeeded run trial processes allowed them to acquire other colors, shapes, and attitudes. However, the goals are no longer to get a good specimen for grazing or hunting, Find the most beautiful dog. However, veterinarians artificial dogs anyone designer dogs may experience serious health problems.

cross breeds of dogs It is a very common practice. new and rare breeds. but you new dog breeds they do not occur naturally and in many cases it is the pet breeders who “create” them, although they do not take into account their possible consequences. “design” dogs. In the UK and USA these genetic techniques have been practiced for years and have recently reached Spain. But which dogs are we talking about? Here are some of the most requested right now:


It is a created dog. Cross between Labrador dog and Poodle. Most are about the size of a Labrador, but also mini size. These dogs are suffering hip dysplasia and more vision problems can result in blindness. Created in the 1980s, this dog breed is considered the first “designer” breed.

Such are the artificially created dog breeds: Labradoodle. Getty Pictures


is the result of mixing. Siberian Husky Together Pomeranian. They have semi-long and very dense hairs, and although they are usually small, the size depends on the specimen. This dog breed They tend to weigh between 8 and 15 pounds and have a very friendly and playful character. Offspring are conceived by artificial insemination because the difference breed size complicates natural pregnancy. In addition, hip dysplasia, cataracts or dermatitis.

Such are the artificially created dog breeds: Pomsky.


is a cross between boxer and beagle. They are usually brown and black but can have a variety of colors depending on the genetics of their parents. They are very calm dogs that weigh between 7 and 14 kilos. They may suffer from eye problems, epilepsy and hip dysplasia.

That’s what artificially created dog breeds look like: Puggle. GETTY IMAGES


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This race arises from the cross between cock spaniel and one Poodle. They have wavy hair and a height of 30 to 50 cm. some dogs They are very intelligent and their character changes depending on whether they have more than a Cocker or Poodle. They often experience patella dislocation and vision problems.

Such are the artificially created dog breeds: Cockapoo. GETTY IMAGES