Elizabeth attended a horse show despite health problems

Elizabeth II attended the Royal Windsor Horse Show despite rumors that she was in poor health. The post writes about it Mirror.

The Queen took part in the Horse Show, an event that takes place near her hometown of Windsor Castle and has been attended almost annually since it began. Elizabeth smiled and looked happy when she came to admire her beloved horses. This was the queen’s debut in the past two weeks: before that, Elizabeth appeared in public on April 28, after which she denied a series of events due to health issues.

The Queen watched the show from the front seat of her chariot, smiling profusely and happy for her horses. Elizabeth had a little talk with ordinary people who came to see the show.

The Royal Windsor Horse Show started on 12 May and will run through the weekend. Yesterday the event was attended by other members of the royal family – Princess Beatrice and her husband Edoardo Mapelli-Mozzi.

Formerly socialbites.ca saidPrince Charles and his wife Elizabeth performed at the Buckingham Palace garden party instead.

Source: Gazeta


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