In Alcoy they arrested a man for harassing a woman and damaging his car for several months

National Police agents arrested alcohol a 37 year old man for Spanish nationals the crime of harassing a woman he met through social networks. The events took place as police sources reported on Friday. Between January and April of this year. After the first date between the prisoner and his victim, she didn’t want to see him againbut individual He insisted to see it.

Considering the large amount conversations and messages taken, sacrifice had to be to obstruct He had to use both his social network profile and phone number as the addressee of the instigator, as well as his mother’s phone number, which he started using when he realized that he had blocked his personal contact. But despite this, according to the same sources, the individual repeatedly appeared at the victim’s workplace, even sign up for job offersto try to maintain intimacy and contact with the woman.

After a short break in contact attempts between the arrested person and the victim, which showed that she had stopped her obsessive attitude, the woman said: started to damage his vehicle constantly. In the first two cases, when the victim left work, he noticed that his tires had been intentionally flattened. Afterwards, it was damaged both in the parking lot I left to go to work and even more. inside your garage.

Thus, the researchers continued gather evidence of damageThis indicated the presumed authorship of the facts by the party being investigated. On the one hand, they were able to confirm that the detainee not only followed the victim at home, but also periodically went to the parking lot where he had parked his car to check for her presence, even following the woman to her private garage. that way to know where it’s parked and sneak in at night and damage the car.

Through citizen cooperation, surprising that the prisoner leaves the victim’s garage at night. Agents managed to salvage an electric screwdriver and several large screws, which the suspect allegedly got away with by dumping them in a nearby trash can. These elements overlapped with elements that had previously appeared to be nailed to the wheels of the victim’s vehicle. Furthermore, the complainant’s car was damaged again that night.

Finally, thanks to all the evidence obtained by the Forensic Police Brigade agents during the months of the investigation, the person was arrested. to the man There was also a restraining order for similar incidents in effect since 2015.. The arrested person was placed on the order of the Alcoy Education Court on duty and adjudicated by its president. released on chargesand as a precautionary measure restraining order for the victim.

Source: Informacion


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