Most unsportsmanlike act remembered with ‘Pasapalabra’ contender

Password‘ Counting these days with a war between Orestes and Marisa. The senior competitor has an opponent who has managed to draw with him on a donut. Therefore tension has risen and has led to more intense competition between the two.

Last Wednesday, Orestes reached the final test, which accumulated 69 seconds compared to 60 seconds for his opponent, who was hot on his heels. We arrived at a point in Rosco, both tied by 20 hitsEven though Orestes was 17 seconds ahead of his opponent.

Again, an error turned the tables. The letter “N” was the culprit, Roberto Leal said: “It starts with ‘N’: a city located in Italy on the island of Sicily, where the Ducezio Palace is located.” Whoever admitted that he had doubts as to whether the city was in Sicily or Sardinia was mistaken: “Nuoro”, the correct answer is Noto, he replied.

When the public and the server complain about the error, Marisa burst into applause, a gesture she was spontaneous but disliked. To some viewers In the end, Marisa did not take risks and remained without answering a single word, hoping that Orestes did not guess any more. Finally, both finished with 21 hits, but Marisa was flawless and Orestes had four failures, for which 1,200 euros per day was for her.

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