Trustees of Unicaja Foundation agree to request an extension for Medel report

The trustees of the Unicaja Foundation decided to accept the request of the Baker Mckenzie law firm in an extraordinary session this Thursday. It may request an additional one month from the Undersecretariat of Banking Foundations in order to make the report, which should determine whether Braulio Medel does not or does not meet the eligibility requirements As required by his tenure as President. This vote As industry sources explained to this newspaper, four percent of the employers participating in the meeting requested a postponement by seven votes against. In this way and If the Conservation Board allows, the preparation of the report can now be extended until 24 June, as the current deadline expires on 24 May.

Last week, the Foundation chose this Chicago-based law firm To offer him the task, which was rejected by Deloitte and Uría Menéndez (the two first choices then chosen in that order). Baker Mckenzie’s response was positive, but he requested some time to conduct this study. weather forecast One month exceeded the deadline set in March by the Undersecretariat for Foundations, an organization affiliated to the Ministry of Economic Affairs.

The meeting was anticipated to be tense, and indeed, votes were cast against the decision to request an extension because of the possibility of allowing. Outright rejected by employers who criticize Medel, Those who believe that the Foundation continues to delay the resignation announced by its president during this whole process. In his last letter, the head of the foundation said: holy thursday Before the finalization of the report and regardless of its content, his departure will be official, which means that his departure is May 24 at the latest, but according to the sources referenced with the said extension, Medel may also remain in office during this period.

The Board of Trustees meeting was held this Thursday. After Medel announced last Wednesday its intention to nominate José Manuel Domínguez as his successor at the head of the institution. Medel said that this entity will “soon” present two proposals to the board of trustees: the first and, as necessary background, the appointment of Domínguez as employer and then the appointment as president. Industry sources told this newspaper that betting on Domínguez was “the best possible thing” as he was a consensus candidate. In fact, the name had already been agreed upon by the two majority parties, PP and PSOE, as a replacement proposal for Medel, but it was Medel itself that eventually came to the fore in the announcement.

Source: Informacion


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