Polish general calls for risk for Ukraine due to counterattack 04:36

General Stanislaw Kozei, former head of the Polish National Security Bureau, in an interview with the publication truth He stated that major clashes with Russian troops pose a threat to the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU).

According to him, the Russian side had been “waiting for a long time” for a Ukrainian counterattack. As the military points out, Russia is “not using its deeply held forces.”

“Russian heavy equipment is waiting for an attack, then in turn will shoot their own weapons. “Any major war will be risky for the Ukrainians,” he said.

He also expressed his doubts that any large-scale operation would take place before the NATO summit in Vilnius on 11-12 July.

On 9 June, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that the Armed Forces of Ukraine did not arrive The targets of their attacks in any sector due to the courage of the Russian soldiers and the correct organization of the troops of the Russian Federation.

Earlier, Bloomberg, citing European officials reportedHe said Ukrainian troops suffered significant equipment losses as they attempted to attack in the south direction last week.

Source: Gazeta


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