Pompeo said Trump is about to withdraw US troops from South Korea.

Former US President Donald Trump was about to withdraw US troops completely from South Korea. The newspaper said this by former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, who said he dissuaded Trump from that decision. Hankyoreh.

According to the publication, Pompeo’s confessions are contained in the book “The Holy Vow” by former US Secretary of Defense Mark Esper, published the previous day.

In the book, Esper writes how Trump has called several times for the withdrawal of American troops, and also when discussing the division of defense costs, he said that the Koreans were “terrible to deal with”.

Esper said that given that the presence of US troops in Korea is also closely linked to US security, he is trying to deter the president from withdrawing his troops from the Korean Peninsula.

At the same time, Pompeo claims that Trump will withdraw his troops during his second term, but lost the election to Joe Biden.

Previously became knownDuring his tenure, Trump has repeatedly asked national security aides and other White House officials about China’s “secret technology.”

He was particularly interested in the question of whether China could create artificial hurricanes and launch them in the United States. Moreover, the politician asked his aides whether Washington would view such a situation as aggression on behalf of Beijing and launch a military offensive in response.

Source: Gazeta


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