Danone agrees to seek solvent buyer for Asturias plant

According to the members of the working committee at the end of the meeting, Danone promised this morning that it will try to sell the factory in Salas (Asturias) to a solvent investor who can guarantee the viability of the factory. Juan Carlos García, secretary and spokesperson of the committee, explained that the investor does not have to be from the dairy industry.

In response, Danone is offering early retirement, staff transfers to other factories in Spain, and will negotiate with any potential buyers to ensure that the laid-offs have priority to move to the factory in the new phase.

The management of the French multinational food company gathered an employment regulation dossier (ERE) on Monday to lay off its entire workforce (79 workers) before the end of the year, days after it announced its intention to close the Salas factory. productive reasons.

Production of Salas will be undertaken by its factory in Pays de Bray (France), where Danone will continue to supply the Spanish market.

“If they say they will go, they will go”

The labor representation of workers at the Danone plant in Salas yesterday called the multinational’s departure “irreversible” and demanded that “no time be wasted in deterring it” and that all efforts be concentrated on the “buyer search” that would secure buyers. continuity of industrial activity in the factory. This appreciation of the working committee came after the second deliberation meeting with company executives in Oviedo, where Danone’s report to justify the shutdown was analyzed. “If they say they will go, they will go,” the spokesperson for the workers said.

for your share Salas Town HallThe Principality and the Ministry of Industry are pushing in the same direction: finding an alternative to closing the Danone plant in Salas in order to preserve employment and industrial activity. Meetings are held in parallel in Oviedo and Madrid. Yesterday at the headquarters of the Ministry of Industry, the general directors of Industry, Employment and Rural Development and the mayor of Salas met with representatives of multinational organizations. The principality has issued the message they have been advocating since the separation of the Asturias dairy company, which has created an employment regulation dossier (ERE) for its 79 employees and plans to move its production to France: “The only option is to resume activity and employment.

The positions of the parties were discussed at the meeting. Asturian governments express their “respect” for their business decisions, but demand an agreement to continue operating at the plant. Although the company has declared its intention to close its facilities at the end of the year, according to the General Manager of Industry, Juan Carlos Aguilera’s photo.multinational has been “open” to discussion of other possibilities.

Government delegate in Asturias, Delia Losa, provided another key to the negotiations: the Ministry of Industry is also trying to find an alternative to closing the factory. Losa stressed that the Ministry contacted the company “from the ground up” and had “very long and in-depth discussions to find a solution to this situation”. Losa did not want to go into the details of the operation that the central government was negotiating. There are contacts, it is a practice that the Ministry of Industry and the Principality always do, but I cannot specify more.”

Source: Informacion


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