The number of poisonings with artificial cider increased in the Ulyanovsk region 09:01

In the Ulyanovsk region, the number of poisonings with artificial cider rose to 62. reported press office regional ministry of health

Ulyanovsk hospitals continue to receive patients with surrogate cider poisoning, according to the ministry.

“62 cases of alcohol poisoning were detected in the region. In 20 cases, poisoning led to death, ”says the message.

The Ministry of Health added that the condition of the patients is severe and moderate. 88 beds have been deployed to assist victims in the region.

The number of people hospitalized with artificial cider poisoning in the Samara region increased from 15 to 16. This is reported regionally Ministry of Health.

Vusal Sheydayev, the lawyer of businessman Anar Afat oglu Huseynov, who was previously detained in the framework of a criminal case regarding mass poisoning with cider in the Ulyanovsk region, reported for the arrest of a second suspect.

Source: Gazeta


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