Government confirms six new sexist crimes: 1,144 women killed since 2003

Statistics Women killed by their partners or ex-partners include six new cases: One sexist murder from 2020, four from 2021 and another from 2022. The Government Delegation Against Gender-Based Violence updated the figure with information from the Prosecutor’s Office, the General Assembly of the Judiciary and the Ministry of Interior. 1,144 women killed due to gender-based violence since 2003 and, as El Periódico de España reported, twenty cases are still under investigation.

With this review, the number of femicides committed in the field of couples, To 48 in 2020, 47 in 2021 and 14 so far in 2022. The number of orphans has increased to 350 since 2013, with the inclusion of a child who lost his mother as a result of sexist violence.

The Panel periodically reviews statistics on fatal victims of gender-based violence, mainly through the progress of investigations and the judicial processes derived from the murders.

Thus, this latest update contains six cases, excluded which were originally included in the official figure for 2021, and threw out someone else’s macho nature The case remains under investigation. This was announced this Thursday by Victoria Rosell, the Government’s delegate against Gender-Based Violence, detailing the cases.

The first establishment is a 56-year-old woman allegedly killed in Logroño In the hands of his partner, a 56-year-old Hispanic man, on October 13, 2020. The victim, initials MMH A, did not have minor children and had no previous complaints of harassment against the alleged aggressor. At first, the National Police considered it a suicide, but after a long investigation, the husband was arrested.

Rosell reported four new femicides It was included in the official statistics in 2021.

PIRB, a 41-year-old Spanish woman killed in Valladolid On February 3, 2021, by his emotional partner, possibly a 45-year-old Spanish national. The victim had a small child. The sexist nature of the crime has not been confirmed to date, as the couple’s relationship with the suspected murderer is under investigation.

Also confirmed The sexist crime of 21-year-old Italian-Spanish national ELE thrown from the balcony probably by his partner in a hotel in Ibiza. Rosell commended the police and the forensic investigation, confirming that it was neither suicide nor accidental fall. In this case, there were no complaints before.

Third confirmed case of 2021, DLBR, 29-year-old Colombian woman, allegedly murdered by her partnerA 38-year-old Dominican national in Barcelona on 1 August 2021. There was no previous complaint of ill-treatment against the alleged attacker.

40-year-old American citizen YR was allegedly killed by his partner, a 56-year-old American, in Cádiz on Christmas Day. The individual fled Spain first, then returned and surrendered to the authorities. In addition, there were no complaints regarding gender-based violence.

In the review, the Government Panel Against Gender-Based Violence removed from the statistics the guilt of 38-year-old Moroccan Amal, who was killed on 21 July 2021 in Barcelona. throw away the relationship against the alleged murderer.

In addition, the case of an 81-year-old eight-year-old woman who died on September 2, 2021 was also dismissed. death by natural etiology.

And this Thursday approved The macho nature of the Clotilde murderAn 82-year-old woman on Tuesday, May 10, in Los Cristianos (Tenerife). It was alleged that her husband was stabbed to end his life.

between 20 cases still under investigation Since 2003, two cases from 2020 (one crime in Barcelona on 29 April and one in Valencia on 29 November) and three cases from 2021 (one in Jaén on 3 February, the other on 2 December). all the way in Las Palmas and the third in Madrid in December) 4).

Victoria Rosell suggested at a press conference this Thursday that the Delegation will provide information on expanded femicide statistics before the end of the first term of 2022.

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