‘China’s Handsome Man’ fights haters with help from lawyers

Dingzhen Zhenzhu, who has been called “the most handsome man in China” along with his lawyers, has called for an end to criticism of his appearance on the internet. Reported by South Africa insider businessman.

Lawyers for Dingzhen Zhenzhu, 21, who works as a yak herder in Tibet, have issued a letter through his representative urging netizens to stop making false comments about him. They were specifically asked to avoid those containing “offensive, gruesome, vulgar or slanderous words.” Representatives of Zhenzhu said in a letter that the Tibetan farmer, who became a social media star, was greatly harmed by the insulting remarks made against him.

Dingzhen Zhenzhu made public appearances on social media in November 2020, after a short film about himself was released. In the video, the Chinese talked about the life of a shepherd in Tibet. His smile and handsomeness captivated people who later called him “the most handsome man in China”.

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Source: Gazeta


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