First death from ‘balcony’ in Mallorca: British man dies after falling from seventh floor

‘first death’balcony‘ in Majorca in 2022. tourist British 34-year-old dies after thursday morning to hurry seventh floor of a hotel in Magaluf. Death occurred at the scene and health services were unable to do anything to save his life.

The tragic incident occurred at around half past eight in the morning, on the seventh floor of the South Beach hotel on Calle Notari Alemany number one in Magaluf. Some eyewitnesses warnedstrange behavior“A British tourist coming onto the balcony of the hotel business. He fell into the void in a short time.

After the emergency services were informed, a special device was immediately activated. Ib-salut healthcare has arrived in a mobile intensive care unit. However They could do nothing to save him.. Agents from the Calvià Local Police and the Civil Guard also participated. Second, the Corps launched an investigation, through the Judicial Police, to clarify what happened. Firefighters from Mallorca were also mobilized in case the body needed intervention to recover it.

Police were notified to remove the body. The body was taken to the Forensic Medicine Institute for autopsy.

Source: Informacion


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