The two police officers’ defenses point to signs of a lucrative sexual encounter on the kicking ground in the door.

rational signs crime against sexual freedom and compensation. According to lawyers, this is a fact. two of the cops who broke in in a house Lagasca street in Madrid, In case of full alert, it can be verified at the place where the party is held, prohibited in a pandemic. Lawyers, a possible profitable sexual intercourse.

This is stated in two defense documents signed by the on-duty prosecutor and lawyer. Juan Antonio Frago and partner Veronica Suarez from Frago and Suárez Criminal LawyersWhich El Periódico de España has access to and which to seek acquittal of the deputies. Although they do not see the crime of illegal detention or raid, they point out that they have a defense that prevents them from being prosecuted because they obeyed orders, as did the prosecutor’s office in this case.

Although the prosecution does not accuse, this issue will be discussed before the public jury, five police officers and a police inspectorwho face 4 years imprisonment and 6 years disqualification request demanding for them Attorney Juango Ospina on behalf of the private prosecutor’s office. AThe rest of the agents are defended by the State’s Attorney, and also agrees with the private accusation of a person. British citizen who is a tenant your property.

He was highlighted among the party attendees and for being one of the highlights. confronted the police from the inside and this defense took the lead from inside the circle Elizabeth R.I. what’s this? grandson of the former Francoist Minister of Justice and former president of the Cortes Generales Antonio Iturmendi.

Noises, real estate mobbing and orgies

According to the articles, in this case enough rational signs of crime to realize that you are in the house blatant crime justifying entry from the police. Among them, rude disobedience to law enforcement, noise emissionmental injuries and harassment or real estate mobbing Once inside, it became clear that “crimes against sexual freedom and compensation may have been committed”. (for-profit top prostitution organization for visitors from the Middle East)which will require necessary interrogation,” the letter reads.

It was unknown to the authorities when they opened the door, but when they got inside they found “very clear signs”. unmade bed, open suitcases home landscape, “agreement young ladies – Spanish, Easternetc. – They are said to be no longer traceable, with citizens of the Middle East who have not yet disclosed how they got into Spain in the midst of a pandemic. When the matter goes to the court, it should be explained.

In this case, the tenant of the apartment “didn’t say anything before the agents smashed the door. incapable of alcohol and/or other articles”, while the representative of the entire group was Ramos Iturmendi, “direct descendants of the Frankish Minister and First Countess of Iturmendi”.

“None of the attendees wished he had to explain What was he doing with other people at that party when he was fined, and what was the reason? they barricaded themselves on the ground“, finalize the defences.

This part also indicates its existence. “obvious pressure” which caused the National Police to release all detainees, some undocumented with a self-judgment declaring that detention is lawful. Later on, Court of Madrid sue these people and It was decided that criminal prosecution should be made against the police officers, this causes it.

“You don’t know who you’re dealing with”

The posts include a breakdown of what happened inside the house (her video is attached), where the woman, who appears to be representative of the rest of the party attendees, addresses the agents with phrases such as “they don’t know who they’re dealing with, they messed things up, their business”. Fucking hair will fall out”, “you don’t know who you messed with”, “how do I know it’s not people dressed as police”.

The articles refer Numerous case-laws of the Supreme Court and the Constitutional Court on convictions for disobedience against those they do not introduce themselves to agents your police.

This Investigation, Unlike this section, yes it sees intrusion although he added that in the behavior of five of the agents, there was full defense act in accordance with one’s dutyhowever, the commander who ordered the entry is also not criminally liable, since the Penal Code does not explicitly classify the form of being “reckless” in this crime.

How are the articles around 00:50 March 21, 2021 Police were supposed to be present in a building located on Calle Lagasca in Madrid. The notification is in an apartment located on the second floor. the party violating the restrictions “Measures including the prohibition of private gatherings of non-residents” established during a state of alarm to contain the spread of infections caused by SARS-CoV-2. In the letter from the prosecutor’s office, the residence mentioned ” external appearance of being a tourist residence due to the characteristics of the magnetic key opening system”.

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