Gazprom: Ukraine rejects application to pump Russian gas through Sokhranivka

Ukraine has rejected an application to pump gas from Russia to Europe through the Sokhranivka gas metering station in the country. It gives information about TASS With reference to the official representative of the company Sergey Kupriyanov.

According to him, the volume of Russian gas currently transited by Kyiv is 50.6 million cubic meters. Deliveries are made through the Sudzha gas metering station.

“The CBS “Sokhanovka” application was rejected,” he said.

On May 11, it was stated that the pumping volume was 72 million cubic meters.

Earlier, the Ukrainian GTS Operator (OGTSU) announced that gas transit to Europe through the Sohranivka station in the Luhansk region was suspended from 11 May due to force majeure. The company stated that it could not control the Novopskov border compressor station in the region.

Later Gazprom approvedHe received notification from OGTSU.

Learn more about what happens when Russian gas transits through Ukraine. material “Gazet.Ru”.

Source: Gazeta


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