Muscovites were informed about the weather on Friday 06:03

On Friday, June 2 in Moscow, clear weather, intermittent rain, occasional thunderstorms, hail and temperatures up to +23°C are expected. This is reported on the website of the Hydrometeorological Center of Russia.

In the capital, a temperature of 21 … 23 ° C is predicted during the day. Rain is expected on Saturday night, the air temperature can drop to +7°C.

On Friday, the temperature in the Moscow region will fluctuate between +18…+23°C. On Saturday night the thermometers can drop to +5°C.

South wind, northwesterly transition, 6-11 m/s. During the storm, winds of 15-20 m / s. Atmospheric pressure will be 744 mm Hg.

The Orange weather hazard will operate from 13:00 to 21:00 in Moscow on Friday, and from 09:00 to 21:00 in the Moscow region, due to strong winds and thunderstorms.

Roman Vilfand, former scientific director of the Hydrometeorological Center of Russia declarationJune will begin with cold weather in the center of the European part of Russia.

Before that, Tatyana Pozdnyakova, chief expert of the Moscow Meteorological Bureau, said that cold weather is expected in Moscow next weekend. On Saturday, June 3, the temperature is expected to be 15 degrees at night and in the morning, and up to 5 degrees on Sunday, June 4. He noted that the weather this weekend is more suitable for early May rather than June.

Source: Gazeta


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