Russians reminded that poplar fluff is not an allergen 04:01

The risk of allergic reactions during poplar season is due to the fact that it can carry high concentrations of allergens from other flowering grasses. An allergy to the down is extremely rare. Anastasia Brown, an allergy-immunologist at INVITRO-Ural, told about this.

According to the expert, the symptoms associated with an allergic reaction that occur in contact with a bird feather can threaten only those who already know that they have an allergy or have a first reaction to the flowering of cereal grass. It happens that non-allergic people react to aspen fluff, but this is because the mucosa is very sensitive.

“The signs and symptoms of upper respiratory tract allergic reactions are always the same and their standards are the same. That is, these are manifestations of rhinitis or rhinitis-conjunctivitis, when not only the mucous membranes of the nose and nasopharynx, but also the conjunctiva are involved: itching in the eyes, a feeling of dryness and sand in the eyes, profuse nasal congestion or vice versa, alternating wateriness with sneezing due to a runny nose, constant There may be redness in the area around the lobes due to skin irritation. If it is bronchial asthma, there is choking, wheezing or thick viscous sputum. But this is not always associated with an allergy to aspen fluff, as it is indeed a very rare occurrence, ”explained the doctor.

The allergist stated that you can help yourself by adjusting your life. There are recommendations for the flowering period for people with sensitivity and reaction and failing symptoms: do wet cleaning indoors as often as possible, ventilate after rain or in the evening – only if there is no wind, go outside after work, change and shower, prevent pollen from entering the room Pull nets to the windows. When going out, wear sunglasses and collect long hair that accumulates allergens in the wind, and you need to use barrier methods: buy filters at the pharmacy or sprays that form a film on the mucous membrane, they can be used throughout the day.

“There are also special air cleaners with special filters that trap pollen, which is indispensable in the rooms where you sleep.
Also, symptomatic patients can take antihistamines during bloom, which helps to relieve allergy symptoms instantly,” said the physician.

The symptoms of feather and cold allergy are similar, especially in the initial stages, but there are key points that separate allergies and SARS.

“Allergy, itching, redness and sneezing bother you the most in certain seasons. For example, a person feels good at home, but worse on the street – most likely this is an allergy. With acute respiratory viral infections and acute respiratory infections with a predominantly viral etymology of infection, the staging of symptoms will be different: a pronounced temperature of up to 39 degrees, and diseases of the nasopharynx can turn into purulent manifestations in 3-5 days; ”the immunologist emphasized.

Previously recognizedMore than 60% of Russians experience allergies every year.

Source: Gazeta


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