Elon Musk confirms Twitter rebranding 04:02

American entrepreneur and billionaire Elon Musk has confirmed his plans to rebrand his social network Twitter. He reported this in his news twitter.

In response to a post by Daily News user T(w)itter claiming that the social network’s current name and bluebird logo could be replaced with the letter X, Musk said this was “correct”.

It was previously known that Musk. enraged Florida Governor due to multiple social network outages during an online broadcast in Spaces mode with the participation of US presidential candidate Ron DeSantis.

According to sources, Musk was clearly upset and annoyed by the problems associated with the constant failures on the social network.

Three Twitter employees told The New York Times that there were internal concerns over whether the platform would be able to handle all the traffic.

In May, six former Twitter employees sued Elon Musk for breach of contract, breach of working conditions, and also accused the businessman of fraud.

Source: Gazeta


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