With the arrival of spring, parks and gardens fill with flowers. In many homes. Whether you are an expert gardener or have no idea how to do it. floors We will give you some ideas to give fresh touch and natural for your home. Today we will talk to you about The most beautiful flowers to plant in pots. These are three very hardy plants and with simple care they will look beautiful in any corner of your apartment year-round. about cloves, geranium and aloe vera. We will see the features of each and the care they require.


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The best plants to grow in pots

Putting a flower pot inside the house will help you to give your home a natural and fresh touch. It will also act as an air freshener.

Sardinians are one of them. in the plants more abundant on many terraces and balconies. They are very hardy and bloom year-round. Of course, you should put the geranium pots in a warm and sunny place. As for watering, you only have to worry that the substrate will not dry out completely.

Geraniums are ideal for planting in pots and placing in the sun. pixabay

Carnations are another of the most common flowers in the pots of many homes. There are many colors and it is fairly simple to cultivate, so it is ideal to have at home. Like geraniums, they need to be placed in full sun and high temperatures.

Carnations grow perfectly in pots pixabay

When you water cloves, they should be planted in a well-drained pot to prevent their roots from flooding. Ideally, you should water them twice a week and put some fertilizer on them. spring.

If you don’t usually spend much time at home and are afraid that your plants will die from neglect, we have the solution. This aloe vera is one of the most resistant plants As you can keep it at home, you can also benefit from the gel of its leaves for aesthetic purposes.

Aloe vera loves the sun as it is a cactus. Therefore, place it in any well-lit corner of the house, for example, near windows or on the windowsill. terrace or balcony.

All the tricks of growing aloe vera at home pixabay

Put your aloe vera in a large pot because it is a fast growing plant and will soon outgrow the pot. When it comes to watering, aloe vera needs very little water. Watering once every two weeks is sufficient.

All the benefits that rainwater has for your plants

All the benefits that rainwater has for your plants

In any case, they will thank you if you take your plants out to the terrace when it rains or collect some rainwater to water your indoor plants.