Metaverse begins its journey as a source of income for companies

At this point, it would be strange if this was not mentioned at all in a congress devoted to the audiovisual sector. metadata store. It is rare, however, to speak of him in such pragmatic terms. “We are in a ‘excitement’ [una motivación algo exagerada]but nothing happens, because it has happened in all technologies”, Acció technologist Carles Gómara confirms at one of the stages of Integrated Systems Europe (ISE). “Many companies are in a hurry, but we have to be aware of it. long way, 5 or 6 years”, agrees with Xavi Conesa, co-founder of Ready Venture One. “Today we have to accept trial and error and We are not very clear on what will work”, also knows Ignacio Segura, CEO of DeAPlaneta Entertainment.

Regardless, the Wunderman Thompson agency has already spotted some. fifteen ways to make money with this inventionand even a few companies that have started to implement them. Just before these three experts shared their vision at a roundtable held by Raul Cruz, chief operating officer of Vysion Mediapro, and Patricia M. Val, head of innovation, head of innovation, Clúster Audiovisual de Catalunya and tech of consultant in Spain, Oscar Peña listed them all. .

Manager, sale of virtual land, rental of digital spaces, subscription services, advertising revenues, live broadcasts, music videos based on avatars, brand merchandising, awards and even metaversian franchises.

American textile chain Forever 21 has already done that, the right to copy your online work in the metastore Who wants to pay? Amazon announced last week the second season of its ‘Download’ series featuring three virtual influencers. Mango delivered its Metaverse strategy in the middle of New York’s Fifth Avenue on Tuesday. Lékué will launch a virtual experience where they will have a digital copy of all their products. And Tesla has already promoted in a Tencent video game.

Zuckerberg Effect

“Since the Zuckerberg announcement, a big Bang”, Conesa explained, although many companies still don’t know why they’re jumping into the metaverse. “already when Facebook bought Oculus With Virtual Reality: Zuckerberg sets the pace”, confirmed Val. “We’ve all had this moment in an epidemic of testing technologies that have led us down this path, but we’re just starting to make them tangible,” Cruz said.

In fact, despite admitting that it still has weaknesses, these six fans of the metaverse have blindly bet on it as the internet of the future. “The metaverse is a concept, not a technology: We’re bringing together a lot of technologies that came from a long time ago,” said Gomara. computing, artificial intelligencevirtual reality or 5G, e.g. In fact, this technologist is convinced that this virtual world may well be the world to launch 5G as a network that the general public understands as unique, as few outside the industry now know how to define what is better than 4G.

In this sense, Peña has made a second commitment to the future, which serves as a hint for those who want to dedicate themselves to this business: ‘meta-yield as a service’ will revolutionize, he said. the way brands approach this environment. At least those who are still on the sidelines.

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