This birds one of these Pets they are most common for first time owners, especially since they are such a great option. pet for children and thus accustom the little ones to undertake Responsibilities of keeping a pet at home. And among all the birds, fairiesalso called the Carolinas anyone cockatoos fairies, bird with its beauty, intelligence and sociability, canaries, budgies or love birds.


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Again, fairies or carolinas requires an array care which is not known to everyone and is very important for its correct development. So take note, because today we’re going to tell you all the information you need when deciding whether to buy a home or not. nymph What pet.

This nymph It is a bird from its family, native to Australia. cockatoos most characteristic feature is that she is beautiful top. If the scientific name is nymphicus hollandicus and although they are cockatoos, their size usually does not exceed 35 cm from head to tail.

This fairies or carolinas They are usually gray with orange spots on them. cheeks, color stands out more in men. This life expectancy of fairies Between 8 and 10 years, diseases or attacks of predators and raptors can shorten this period.

Fairies are better in pairs

The most important thing you need to know about fairies should never live alone. since one animal very sociable always looking for friends, if they don’t have a partner to accompany them they will form that bond with their owner and this may seem very sensitive at first but when they start demanding your attention it will make it difficult to live together. with the characteristic sounds of their species to keep them together herds.

In addition, loneliness can cause fairies to have behavioral problems, to become apathetic or aggressive. This bird is generally very peaceful and gets along well with other cockatoos. lovebirds.

What do fairies or carolinas eat?

This fairies has carnivorous birdstherefore your diet should consist of several parts. seeds. You should know that although they love sunflower seeds, they contain a lot of oil and it is important to limit the amount to avoid health problems. For this reason, it is recommended to feed our fairies with special feeds.

Also, keep in mind that nymphs peel the seeds so that their feeder looks full and contains only shells, so it’s okay to check the feeder regularly.

let it fly

This cockatoos nymphs When free, they travel long distances in search of food. So if there is a fairy in the house, you have to free every day to fly free for a few hours. This serves to strengthen your bones and muscles and prevent obesity.

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challenge the perineum

This fairies they are very birds clever and they need to stimulate their mind daily. This is why they need to have compulsive toys such as rope, twigs or other tools, or they may become depressed and apathetic. Moreover, male fairies can learn to “talk” imitating words and sounds, such as melodies or the song of other birds.