The prosecutor, who learned that he was going to be a father on his honeymoon, was shot dead with a jet ski.

to the bullets from a jet ski at that time honeymoon and a few hours after learning that i was going to be a father. This is how Paraguayan prosecutor was killed on Tuesday Marcelo Pucci45 years old and specialized organized crimeShe was allegedly assaulted while celebrating her wedding in Cartagena de Indias, Colombia.

Pecci has experience in counter units drug trafficking, money laundering and terrorist financing At the Paraguayan Prosecutor’s Office, he was wounded by a bullet in an attack by unidentified people on a beach on an idyllic island on the Barú peninsula in the city of Cartagena.

Preliminary information published by Colombian media pointed out that the crime was committed by two people approaching the prosecutor. jet ski and they opened fire from there. Pecci was transported to a health center, but came back dead.

The journalist had moved to Cartagena with his wife. Claudia aguilera, with whom he married on April 30. Unharmed, Aguilera announced hours ago on social media that the couple were expecting their first child.

Paraguay’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs reported that it had asked the Paraguayan ambassador in the country. sophia lopez garelliContact the prosecutor’s wife and Colombian authorities to gather as much information as possible. consul rom romero He went to Cartagena to follow the investigations closely.

He made it public in his wife’s Instagram post yesterday. they would be parents:

They spread a photo of a suspect

Colombian Police has issued a search and seizure circular with a photo of one of the suspects in the murder of Marcelo Pecci. The police circular shows a man dressed in black wearing a hat that partially covers his face, and public cooperation is asked to define itwith several phone lines and e-mail to provide information.

Colombian Police Chief, General George Louis VargasHe said at a press conference that he was offered a reward of 2,000 million pesos (about $490,000).

A poster depicting the suspect in the murder of Marcelo Pecci

“We hope that in the next few minutes, on the orders of the Judicial Police, we can provide other elements to the national and international community so that everyone can help us find more people to clarify this fact.”

This decameron hotelIt was stated that the ‘hitmen who came by jet ski on the beach’ where the couple was staying killed the prosecutor. They also added that the attackers shot one of the security guards at this beach resort, but he was unharmed.

According to the police, “There was no information that the Paraguayan prosecutor was in Colombia and he was arrested due to his duty. One of the most protected people in Paraguay“.

Colombian authorities have yet to provide further details on who may be behind the murder. But the President of Paraguay, Mario Abdo BenitezHe pointed to ‘organized crime’, emphasizing the struggle, and the Paraguayan Attorney General’s Office said: “cowards” hiding behind “major criminal structures”.

The murdered official intervened media cases aspect Arrest for falsifying passport of former Brazilian football player Ronaldinho or the investigation of the shooting that took place at the Ja’umina festival last January where model and “influencer” Cristina ‘Vita’ Aranda diedWife of football player Iván Torres.

Paraguay Attorney General Sandra Quiñónez wept after learning of the death of her partner and friend. Nathalia Aguilar

Paraguay Attorney General, Sandra QuinonezIn statements to Colombia’s Blu Radio station, he assured that they were examining the hypothesis of whether Pecci, who “managed the entire security system himself,” could be followed from Asunción to Cartagena.

“At one point (Pecci) had to deal with some species. threats he knows how to deal with very welltaking the precautions of his job,” the prosecutor said, adding that the murdered official was a “personal friend”.

Source: Informacion


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