A macho killer confirms at trial that he stabbed his wife in self-defense

accused Stabbed and killed his wife of 75 years in 2020 At his home in Fuenlabrada (Madrid), he denied in court that he had done this on purpose, as he himself assured: “defended himself” in the face of his wife’s “sudden” attacksHe didn’t expect it because they got along “very well”.

This Wednesday kicks off for 75-year-old Benjamin SS, who has been charged with a jury trial. killed his wife with a knife Following a discussion he had at his home in Fuenlabrada on February 26, 2020, in which the Prosecutor’s Office asked him to sentence him to 14 years in prison for murder. “The day it happened, my wife was very nervous in the kitchen, we had a fight in the living room, He had a knife and I defended myself‘ said the accused.

Several police officers said they found the accused and the victim “lying on the ground”.a few cuts on the arms‘ and he is on the landing of the building ‘above a pool of blood’.

Agents reported that the accused barely answered questions put to him due to his injuries and bewilderment, but nodded when told whether he had committed the acts himself. The accused alsodoesn’t remember anything‘ and ‘suddenly laying on the ground’.

The police intervention took place after the neighbor of the building reported the incident after the incident. the victim came to your door asking for help.

The police said that the defendant took the same kitchen knife again while the victim was asking for help and self-serious injuries to the chest and neck in the abdomen and others. The woman died hours after Benjamin SS was arrested and transported to the hospital while she was in a temporary prison.

Neighbors later said that Benjamín, of Extremaduran descent, and Manuela, of Galician descent, arrived in Fuenlabrada more than 40 years ago. they did not have children.

Source: Informacion


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