Arrested for defrauding 20,000 euros while buying household appliances in Alicante

National Police arrested Alicante 59-year-old Libyan citizen charged 20.000 euro cheat in a commercial operation to purchase about thirty electrical appliances.

According to reports from the Provincial Police Station, the defendant came to the victim’s workplace in August last year and offered a deal to purchase about thirty white goods. The trade deal was to be closed Germanyso they both went to german country to close the deal.

Now the arrested person, once in Germany mediated between the German company and the complainant, the victim closed the deal by making a transfer of 20,000 Euros.

Buyer then returned Spain waiting for the tools to arrive. However, these never came and complained for fraud.

Agents from the Economic Crime Group of the Alicante Provincial Judicial Police Brigade were responsible for the investigations and established the exact identity and location of the person who took action to arrest him at an industrial site in Alicante.

The detainee has so far had no police record and was charged with a crime. crime of fraud and taken to court.

Source: Informacion


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