The suspicions of a relative alerted the Police about the confessed murderer of San Roque (Canary Islands).

This National Police Last Sunday, he moved to arrest a 79-year-old man for allegedly murdering his 90-year-old aunt. after an argument and setting the body on fire in Residence in the San Roque neighborhood in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

The finding occurred last Sunday, but the death supposedly occurred days ago, according to sources cited. It seems that the woman and her niece had an argument and her niece had taken her own life with blows. alleged murderer built an improvised crematorium furnace with some blocks and wood He intended to dispose of the body.

However, as the fire started to burn, heavy smoke alerted residents, which alerted the Emergency and Safety Coordination Center (Cecoes) 112, prompting the fire brigade and the National Police.

suspicion of kin

However the day before, a relative of the suspect He confessed to the intention of the alleged murderer. On Saturday, May 7, this witness went to visit the young man, but the man refused to let him pass, Europa Press reports. Faced with this refusal imposed by the alleged perpetrator, the family member decides to return the next day, May 8, but the man continues to prevent the woman from entering, which alarms her and is at the scene. This is the person who notifies the National Police Service to report their suspicions.

In this way, he decides to surrender to the National Police Station in the Southern District of the capital city, Gran Canaria, given the presumption that he will be found both when the police officers enter the house they live in and when the police officers enter. find one A deceased elderly woman with indications that she may have suffered a violent death.

While agents find the old woman’s body slightly burned on what appears to be some kind of ‘funeral heap’, her niece admits to ending the 90-year-old woman’s life at the Córdoba street police station. her aunt, with whom she lived. Then the agents began to arrest him as the alleged perpetrator of the murder crime.

The confessed killer is expected to appear in court on Wednesday, May 11, while an autopsy will be held this Tuesday to determine the woman’s cause of death.

Source: Informacion


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