“If you report me, I will have killed you before the police arrive”

A 48-year-old man of Panamanian descent was tried this morning in the First Division of the Valencia Provincial Court for ill-treating and raping his partner after breaking the restraining order. lock him in the house and threaten him with death so as not to report the truth. He frightened his victim by saying, “If you report me, I will kill you before the police come.”

Defendant faces total penalties 18 years 11 months in prison For crimes of rape, illegal detention, ill-treatment, threats and violations of punishment that have continued since he was allegedly committed The ban on approaching and communicating was in effect. sentenced to six months in prison with his ex-wife for previous threats in the family space.

Defendant’s defense, some letters written by the victim himself and addressed his clients while in prison to try to discredit his testimony. However, all they show is the victim’s great emotional dependence on his former spouse. Inside he said that he would help her, that he loved her very much, and that the house was empty without him.

In fact, the woman tried to justify the attitude of the alleged abuser by her husband. dependence cocaine is a highly qualified extenuating circumstance demanding defense as an alternative to acquittal.

The events occurred on December 4, 2020.. A month earlier, the accused had already settled in his former partner’s house in the town of Algemia de Alfara, ignoring the sentence that prohibited him from approaching him.

The victim told about the attacks she was subjected to at the hearing and that she raped her many times and threatened to kill her if she reported her. The next day she locked him in the house and took his cell phone so he couldn’t call for help. Eventually the woman managed to escape, and using the excuse that she had to take the dog for a walk, she went to report what had happened.

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