Alicante, Torrevieja and Orihuela account for a third of all home sales in the state

Alicante, Torrevieja and Orihuela they stay big engines between real estate business Province after the pandemic, which accounted for more than a third of all recorded transactions last year, according to data from the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda. And this is despite the fact that none of them are among the population The place where the transaction volume increased the most Compared to 2019, an honor corresponding to the populations of the interior, local blocked request preferred an exceptional year for the sector and coastal municipalities preferred by buyers Dutch, German or BelgianWhich ones have increased the most in the last financial year?

Rather, these populations are more dependent on receptors. English (slower to recover) where overall sales figures are still stable continue below from those given before covid.

In total, they sold last year 46,091 houses For the state as a whole, this represents a more than 40% increase over fate 2020—where detention reduces the number of operations—but most of all, almost 9% more than in 2019, before the pandemic.

The municipality with the most transactions was the Metropolitan. Alicantewhere were they sold 6,619 housescapital has managed to overcome %one Pre-pandemic figures When the data of the Ministry is compared with the data of the Notaries Union, which eliminates the origin of the buyers, it is seen that this recovery is due to the recovery in sales. local and national public demandThe volume of foreign buyers – about a third of the total in the case of Alicante – was still below pre-covid numbers.

stays in second position Torrevieja, one of the few municipalities where demand has not yet fully recovered, but due to its greater reliance on nationalities, it is one of those municipalities that, for different reasons, suffered the biggest declines in sales in 2020 and failed to bounce back. As with the British, the Russians and the Norwegians. Thus, in the city of Vega Baja 5,018 transactions, 4.9% less more than 2019.

A more weakening problem in the neighbor orihuelaWith a total of 3,833 transactions, it took the third place in the list, which managed to exceed the 2019 levels by 1.75%.

In other municipalities, it is seen with increases. above average most municipalities within the provinceThe demand for foreclosure arising from the savings obtained during the foreclosure of the local people mobilized the market. Thus, in alcohol trading volume was 39% higher than in 2019, with a total of 1,016 transactions. In villena increased 25.6%; 24.5% in Petrer; or in novelAlthough it is 35.5%, it should be taken into account that they started from very low numbers. In the case of elche 3,397 home sales have been made official, 20.5% more than before the coronavirus crisis;

Also on the coast, municipalities where the arrival of more Dutch, German or Belgian buyers are most evident, in addition to Madrid and other Spanish provinces, also have significant increases. a) Yes, Denia It recorded 1,876 sales, 22% more than in 2019 and BenidormBarely improving its pre-pandemic numbers with 1,752 operations. They also develop Xabia (+22.5%), Altea (+26.5%) or Father christmas (11.9%).

On the contrary, the municipalities most dependent on the British still lag behind, as in the case of Torrevieja. a) Yes, Guardamar 825 registered operations, 7% less; in calpe 993 (-3.5) or Rojales761 operations, down 5.7%.

Boosters ensure demand is maintained

The Provincial Contractors Association (Provia) assures that the pace of sales is maintained in the first months of 2022, despite the fear that housing sales will suffer after the foreclosure demand is exhausted. Currently, the lack of manpower in the industry and above all rising costs prevent business people from planning businesses and starting marketing new entrepreneurs as they do not rely on price setting for new home.

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