Tinder sues Google for abuse of power and may leave Google Play

Tinder may stop being operational right now Google Play. And this Match GroupThe company behind the popular mobile dating app is suing the California giant abuse of power and threatened to pull its services from its digital store.

In the lawsuit known this Tuesday, Google is accused of “illegally monopolizing the app distribution market” and forcing these apps to use the technology’s billing system and retain a portion of the payments. This blame is framed in mobile phones that use the operating system. AndroidThe vast majority in Spain.

policies Payment Google forces apps that use their systems to sell their products to use billing systems where they can charge up to 30% commission. Last year, the company cut that fee to 15% for the first million dollars generated. Owner of other dating apps besides Tinder OKCupid anyone MatchingHe claims that Google misled app developers into luring them to its platform, and then “tried to ban alternative payment services.”

pressure builds up

Match Group’s complaint is based on video game giant’s claim Epic Games It filed a lawsuit against Apple in 2020 for demanding 30% commission on purchases made in the App Store, the digital store used by devices such as iPhone or iPad. The ruling on this complaint, however, did not conclude that it was an “anti-competitive” stance by the US manufacturer.

Match Group is part of the Coalition of App Fairness, a group of companies that includes: Spotify and Tile and this one denounces the policies implemented by Google and Apple, the two giants it controls in the mobile market. Both are under increasing pressure to open their systems to alternative payment systems.

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