Pope Francis suspends his agenda due to fever

Pope Francis had to cancel his scheduled schedule for this Friday. fireThe Vatican press office confirmed to EFE.

“He did not appear before the Pope this morning due to a feverish situation,” a Vatican spokesperson said. Matteo Bruni without giving more details.

No media sent this morning traditional agenda Pope Francis and only later learned that they were suspended.

On Thursday afternoon, the pope attended a demonstration. school foundation With Latin American mayors and other personalities.

Francis was admitted to the Gemelli hospital in Rome at the end of March.acute pneumonia“, as he explained during the return flight from his trip to Hungary.

“What I have is, I felt bad after the trial, I didn’t want to eat and went to sleep. When asked why he was hospitalized for three days at the Gemelli Polyclinic in Rome, the Pope replied: “But I didn’t lose consciousness, I just had a fever.”

And added: But the body responded well to the treatment,” he said. Francisco added to reporters on the plane who left after three days in the hospital and continued his busy schedule even during Holy Week.

During his admission to the hospital, the Vatican announced that Francis was in pain. an infectious-based bronchitis, for this, he was given an intravenous infusion of antibiotics and it was confirmed that his health had “improved” from the first day of hospitalization.

This was the second time Francisco was admitted to the hospital. Gemellno. The first occurred on July 4, 2021, when he had colon surgery and was hospitalized for ten days.

Since then, Pope has also suffered from a problem in his right knee that forces him to walk with a cane or a wheelchair, and has reassured him several times. you don’t want to run.

Source: Informacion


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