‘first dates’ | Fran and her “disastrous” trip to the United States: “Everybody laughs when I say it”

first datesopened its doors this Monday to newly single men and women with a common goal: finding love. one of the stars of the night Ainhoais a 31-year-old dentist who is passionate about outdoor sports. The Almerian woman met on a dating show in Cuatro. FranStudent and coach from Malaga, very similar flavors to his.

Over the course of the evening, the two discovered they had much in common and were encouraged to share some anecdotes from their travels. Seeing the tattoos on Fran’s arm, remembering her “trial” visit to the country, Ainhoa ​​said, “Did you like the United States, did you go?” he asked: “It was a bit of a disaster”.

“A colleague used to work there and told me to go with him. I went but they kicked me out on a 90-day vacation visa,” Fran explained, her lover laughing and incredulous. “Were you exiled?”. Despite everything, the young man, who decided to get two tattoos in order not to “forget” this short experience, admitted, “Yes, you can say yes. I didn’t feel sorry for that or anything else.”

“I know it’s funny. Everyone laughs. Traveling with me is a risky sport”Frank assured him. Ainhoa ​​also admitted that it was “a bit of a disaster” while traveling.

When it came time to make the final decision, the two agreed that the date was perfect and they decided to continue getting to know each other off-camera. “I would have a second date because she is super nice, very beautiful and we have a lot in common”Fran explained, while Ainhoa ​​was on the same line: “I thought she was very attractive and I think we got along very well.”

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