The reaction of the Argentine taxi driver who crushed three French tourists, one of whom died

Tragedy in Buenos Aires. 74-year-old taxi driver fainted while driving crushed three french tourists. One died while the other two were hospitalized, although there was no fear for their lives.

Three young French women arrived in the Argentine capital 90 days ago for an exchange program with the University of San Andrés (UdeSA). Last Saturday at noon, in the residential area of ​​Palermo, near the Botanical Garden, at the intersection of Santa Fe Avenue and Armenia Street, they were run over after a taxi driver lost control of the vehicle. when you suffer from fainting. A Volkswagen Voyage car crashed into five people, but only the French students were hospitalized.

In a video released hours after the accident, the taxi driver is seen talking to a driver who witnessed the atrocities and reported the incident to him. “What happened? Tell me what happened?” asks the surprised man. When the woman tells him what happened, he takes his seventy-year-old head in his hands: “Are you serious? No, I swear I didn’t see anyone. I passed out. I passed out. I don’t know what happened to me.”He stutters as he lowers his head again after seeing the victims lying on the asphalt.

Lvana Bichet25 years old, suffered Cardiac and respiratory arrest in the operating room of Fernández hospital, where he suffered a skull fracture as a result of the impact.

Lwana Bichet, an oppressed 25-year-old French woman LinkedIn

His friends Clemence Rameau Y Mother-High School Celie DumasBoth 23-year-olds survived the crash. The first one has a few bruises but is conscious, and the second has a head injury and pelvis fracture, so at least he’ll be in the hospital until he regains consciousness.

According to official sources, the driver had an accident. acute myocardial infarction: “stable with mechanical ventilation due to aspiration pneumonia”.

However, authorities are investigating if there is any behavior that is reprehensible It can be attributed to the driver, such as having a known pathology and not being properly cared for.

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